Whether at work, camping, or at the beach, Charley is easy to transport, set up and store!
Fill it up by plugging it in!
A top speed of 13 mph
and a 16 mile range.
direct current electric engine 24 /750 W
Top speed
12.5 mph
Storage battery
exchangeable unit, capacity: 24/24 Ah
Charging time
Weight (incl. battery pack):
92 lbs
Weight of battery pack
35 lbs
Max capacity
225 lbs
30 in
Dimensions (fxwxh)
40 in x 24 in x 47 in
Height (folded)
21 in
Seat height
29 in
light alloy, 4x2,75
3.00 -4/2 PR
Brakes front /rear
drums 70 mm