The Pacer
with its combination of comfort and style, makes a statement for the new millennium. It is tough and durable, a favorite of the rental market. You get great looks and economy together in one unit.
The surging Power
streamlined for long and winding stretches of countryside, the Panther is our efficient mode of fun transportation. Lasting value and economical maintenance make this the choice of discriminating buyers who appreciate quality at a reasonable price.
The Lightweight Toughie
Low cost operation makes the Ankur the ideal mode of transportation for the budget minded, from students to senior citizens. RV users find the combination of light weight and versatility perfect for daily transportation needs or relaxation
Engine Two Cycle Air cooled
Displacement 49 cc
Cylinder Hard chrome plated aluminum alloy
Electrical Flywheel magneto with external H.T. CDI Electronic ignition control
Lighting system 12 volt
Clutch Automatic centrifugal
Tires 225" x 17"
Brakes Drum
Heavy duty suspension Front - telescopic front fork. Rear - shock absorber
Fuel Capacity Approx. one gal.
Fuel Efficiency Approx. 125 mpg
Weight Approx. 120 lbs